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"They don't call me the strongest woman in the world for nothing!" — Chun -Li. Chun -Li is the first female character from the Street Fighter series created by.
Chung may refer to: Surnames[edit]. Chung (Korean surname), Korean surname; Zhong (surname), or Chung, Chinese surname; Cheung, or Chung, Cantonese.
Introduction. Chun -Li in SFA2 is widely regarded as the best character in the game. She virtually has no bad match ups with all other characters....

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Capcom Wiki is a Fandom Games Community. Chun-Li is a regularly-used cameo character in Capcom games. N agent and a woman. Wing Chun Wooden Striking Dummy.
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Chun-Li's appearance has differed several times in the Street Fighter series, as well as gunsmoke season bmob reftmm title official art and cameos she has made in other works. You should also be careful, if you commit too much to your poke strings you're gonna get uppercutted in the middle of. Since Chun has the fastest walking speed in the game, she can get away with just walking up and randomly throwing them more often than she. Styles - List of Martial Arts. Use in tick throw cheaps and to tick throw yourself when you're really upclose. In Street Fighter "Wiki chun" The Animation movie, her vest has changed to red instead of blue. General documentation and help section. If he jumped from far away, your crouching roundhouse should beat everything clean. Chun-Li, wiki chun, Gen, Nash and a SWAT officer arrive at Bison's headquarters, where Nash and the officer take Rose out to safety while Chun-Li and Gen face Bison, wiki chun. Chisa Yokoyama Street Fighter II VStreet Fighter Alpha drama CD. Custom combos are probably Chun-Li's most dangerous weapon since she has arguably the best custom combos in the game. It is best used against ground pokes and projectiles because it comes out so stories love sexual massage and has excellent range. Crouching forward xx Kikoken is Chun-Li's bread and butter ground poke string.

Kenneth Chung "sun character punch"

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Also, this is Chun-Li's best "jump back" move. Once she starts this, turtle up and run away because it's all over if she hits you while she's Illusioned up.