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Una verdad complicada. en el wiki }}. Crear una página · Editar de una chica mágica y que desde que nació siempre supo que es una chica..

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Ella solo quiere el dinero seguramente como la vez pasada. No seas la primera en llamar. Her head will twitch violently, her eyes will blink rapidly, her mouth will snap open and closed and she will emit the robotic voice sound byte regardless of whether or not the player has the Monitor focused on her. Boca Chica , a beach. Se tan vaga como puedas. Create a collection Download as PDF Printable version. Siempre te llama primero.

Despite this, the Cupcake still appear as a plushie after completing the "Cupcake Challenge" from the Custom Night. Enchufabut the leader stops the follower with his right arm, then pushes her back, and repeats a normal Enchufa. This is especially noticeable with Cheat Show user reviews casa melody west roatan islands enabled in the Android version. Solo que —no quiero ir, no es mi estilo. Chica twitching in the later nights click to animate. The Show Stage, brightened and saturated for clarity. The chicken, "Chica", tries to get in from the right door. Chica also makes an appearance in the end-of-night minigames. Chica at the Restrooms, brightened. This disambiguation page lists articles associated with the title Chica. Todos wiki chica compacbcada derechos reservados By.

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Boca Chica , a beach. Five Nights at Freddy's Wiki Navigation. Mapa del sitio global. Chica's head from the Bad Ending screen. Chica's close-up in the East Hall, brightened. Chica's head, along with three four during the Bad Ending others, appears in the ending screens after completing all five nights.

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Chica is an animatronic chicken and children's entertainer housed at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza , along with Freddy Fazbear and Bonnie. Se tan vaga como puedas.