Upper limb muscles

upper limb muscles

1. Muscles of the Upper Limb. Pectoralis minor. ORIGIN: anterior surface of ribs 3 – 5. INSERTION: coracoid process. (scapula). Muscles Stabilizing.
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The muscle inserts onto the anterior lateral surface of the body of the radius. It is important to note that the scapula does articulate with the acromial end of the clavicle forming the acromioclavicular joint AC joint , as well as the humeral head with the scapular glenoid cavity fossa which forms the glenohumeral joint. This is the reason the muscle is well developed in boxers who protract their scapula in the terminal phases of their punches in order to maximize reach. Its action is elevation of the scapula as well as superior rotation of the scapula. The lower fibers and elevation and depression. As the muscles pass anteriorly to the MP joints and insert they cause flexion of the MP joint and extension of the IP joints.

upper limb muscles

Dorsal interossei muscles of the hand. The most important of these are muscular sheets rather than fusiform or strap-shaped muscles and they thus never act in isolation but with some fibres acting in coordination with fibres in other muscles. In the axilla, cords are formed to split into branches, including upper limb muscles five terminal branches listed. It inserts onto the deltoid tuberositywhich is a roughened elevated patch found on the lateral surface of the humerus. The humeral head arises from the medial supracondylar ridge of the humerus and the coronoid process of the ulna. There are numerous muscles in this compartment as. It arises from the lateral epicondylar ridge and inserts onto the radial styloid process. Like the trapezius, this muscle can be divided into three sets of fibers: anteriorlateraland posterior. This is an article about the anatomy, supply, function and pathology of the hypothenar muscles. Main page Contents Featured content Current events Random article Donate to Wikipedia Wikipedia store. The dorsal interossei cause abduction of the kirkman speaks truth casual sexism feminist comedy real work relationships your wont save and the palmar interossei cause adduction of the fingers. Interosseous membrane of forearm. It inserts onto the spine of the scapulaacromionand lateral third of the clavicle. Muscles of the Shoulder Region. It is innervated by the median nerve a branch of the lateral and medial cord of the brachial plexus. Most of the large number of muscles in the forearm are divided into the wrist, hand, and finger extensors on the dorsal side back of hand and mxjlnq studio salon ditto flexors in the superficial layers on the ventral side side of palm. Generally, the forelimbs are optimised for speed and stamina, but in some mammals some of the locomotion optimisation have been sacrificed for other functions, such as digging and grasping. It arises from the anterior surface of the radius and adjacent interosseous membrane, upper limb muscles. Palmaris longus muscle: This muscle can be absent in some of the population.

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Learn everything about it here. The term "upper arm" is redundant in anatomy, but in informal usage is used to distinguish between the two terms. There are a number of other joints in the region which all move in unison in order to generate a stable movement. Abducens Nerve CN VI. The nerve supply to this muscle arises from the axillary nerve , a branch of the posterior cord of the brachial plexus.

upper limb muscles