Topic bravoes with monroy tanks

topic bravoes with monroy tanks

Hello, I have a 93 Mooney Bravo that I purchased back in July. It is equipped with long range tanks which of course have a long range I was advised by Premiere when they installed the Monroy why they would not read as prior. . I wrote up the method I use at topic.
9 posts in this topic Stock Bravo's have a total fuel load of 95 gallons, with 89 gallons considered usable. So a Bravo, with speed brakes, and Monroy LR tanks will have a useable capacity of 118 gallons or 59 gallons a.
trying to get a grasp on how to manage fuel with the monroy tanks on the new to us plane. If I fill the inboard tanks to some value, say 30 gall....

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I had a wonderful conversation with Jose recently on this topic and about the Bravo M. But never had to spin those. This aircraft featured the BMW Designworks paint and interior, which has its fans. You drain the tanks and put in the unusable fuel. Yes, there are two senders per tank.

topic bravoes with monroy tanks

Will you be flying long enough distances to want the programable sensors somebody mentioned above? At every five gallons on the pump, take a measurement by dipping both tanks. Sign up for a new account in our community. Not recommended on pacific oceanside hbfsv computers. Create an account or sign in to comment, topic bravoes with monroy tanks. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. I didn't really out him. LoPresti studied the Acclaim and suggested changes. If I fill the inboard tanks completely do they bleed over any into the long range tanks?. Precise fuel calculations can be performed from the fuel flow computer that has been calibrated and confirmed. I guess if the gauges are accurate then what ever they say. I could just add another charlie weight, but if the LR option moved the loading point back that might offer more flexibility. Aviat Husky Power Flow. The spins were required due to change in the angular momentum of the wing when mass fuel is increased. Share on other sites. Let me digest your notes and see if I can come up with a loading featuresx article wild city singled november december in a few days. At first it bugged me but as everything you get accustomed to it. However I've found nothing with regards to the wing tank gauge readings.

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There is no easy answer to this question. Mooney's Acclaim Type S is the king of speed Mooney's Acclaim Type S is the king of speed. Here are some notes that may help:. Prefabricated aluminum parts are installed in the wing to contain the. They are built into the wing structure through the existing bottom. You can search or Maybe someone else on the forum can help point you to it. We started out making easy little runs to the Bahamas, but if we want to stretch our legs...