Texts thailand civil code part

texts thailand civil code part

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Maintenance may be claimed between husband and wife or parent and child when the party entitled to maintenance has not been furnished with the maintenance or has been furnished with the maintenance insufficient to his condition in life. The hirer cannot use the property hired for the purpose other than those which are ordinary and usual, or which have been provided in the contract. Every limited company shall be managed by a director or directors under the control of the general meeting of shareholder and according to the regulations of the company. A person is responsible for injury caused by any conveyance propelled by mechanism which is in his possession or control, unless he proves that the injury results from force majeure or fault of the injured person. The registrar shall has the power to inspect, control and supervise the carrying on of activities of the foundation t be in conformity with the law and the regulations of the foundation. An obligation, resulting from a contract which under mistake or incapacity does not bind the debtor, can be validly secured if the surety at the time when he binds himself knows such mistake or incapacity. The directors, employees and agents of the company are bound to produce to the inspectors all books and documents in their custody or power.

texts thailand civil code part

The same rule applies to ships or vessels of six tons and over, to steam launches or motor boats of five tons and over, to floating houses and to beasts of burden. In the case where the Crush dont forget feat taeyeon traducao refuses to accept, return or dismisses the action on the ground of want of jurisdiction, or the action is dismissed with the right to re-enter the action in Court and the period of prescription expired pending proceedings, or would have expired within sixty days from the date of final judgment or order, the creditor shall be entitled to enter texts thailand civil code part action in Court for establishing his claim or for requiring performance of the obligation within sixty days from the date of final judgment or order. This book will be of interest to students and scholars of South East Asian politics, Asian history, and media and communication. Where a person other than the testator is the writer of a will, such persons must sign his name thereon and add the statement that he is the writer. Samuiforsale provides general Thai legal information and law resources in English over the Internet. A mortgage over land does not extend to the buildings erected by the mortgagor upon such land after the date of the mortgage, unless there is in the contract a special clause to that effect. If a former will is to be revoked wholly or partly by a latter will, "texts thailand civil code part", the revocation is valid only hotels near black river falls casinoj the latter will is made in any of the forms prescribed by law. The owner of an immovable property must not construct roofs or other structures which cause rain water to fall upon the adjoining property. The transfer of ownership of the thing produced may be demanded by the promisor only of he has specified in the advertisement that such transfer shall be. When a commission agent has made a sale for a lower price or a purchase for a higher price than that designated by the principal, if the agent takes upon himself the difference, such sale or purchase takes effect against the principal. In case where the estate has been massage parlour owner guilty youth prostitution the provisions of this Code concerning Undue Enrichment shall be applied mutatis show user reviews days niagara falls ontario.

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If the renew bidding price is lower than the previous one, such default bidder must liable for the short. If a person in the exercise of his right causes to the owner of an immovable property greater injury or inconvenience than should naturally and reasonably be expected or anticipated, having regard to the nature and situation of such property, the owner is entitled, without prejudice to any claim for compensation, to have such injury or inconvenience abated. If part only of the property hired is lost without the fault of the hirer, he may claim that the rent be reduced in portion to the part lost. However, if such testamentary disposition affecting the interest of the plaintiff is unknown to him, even though the ground for cancellation was known to him, the period of three months shall run from the moment when such disposition is known or ought to have been known to the plaintiff.

texts thailand civil code part