Products services shipping artwork

products services shipping artwork

Art and Antiques Pack and Shipping in New York, NY For more information on our artwork shipping services, call us at or send us a message. ensures that we pack every shipment with added care and ship every our products ; product types · canvas transfer FAQ · framing & other services See your art's product details to see how soon a specific item is expected to ship.
EAGLEXRESS has skilled professionals that will pack and ship your artwork in Lake Worth, FL, 3677 23rd Ave S Ste Products & Services / Shipping / Artwork Shipping For more information on our artwork shipping services, call us at....

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Thanks so much for sharing your expertise. While shipping is almost second nature to me, I know that it poses a perplexing challenge for many artists and gallerists. A Protective Skin of Plastic. A pencil works as well, and some might argue that an errant pencil mark is easier to conceal or erase, but I like to get my score marks down quickly and boldly so there is no room for doubt. Sculture mediums include: bronze, steel, maarble, stone, glass. See the pledge here.
products services shipping artwork

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  • Out of Office Blog. I have tried to get it off the painting and have not been able to.
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  • I ship my glass paintings, and have learned from friends to double-box using foam in both boxes so that the work is entirely surrounded by foam. The first step in packing a painting is determining which boxes and materials you are going to use, and then planning how to use them optimally.

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Your article has helped a lot. Incredibly useful article — just what I was looking for to reference. One coupon per customer, per visit, per transaction, per day. Although I primarily ship prints and ceramics, this is great information to have handy! I change the razor blades in my knife after every five packages — more frequently if necessary. No plastic wrap no plastic bag, just cardboard protection. Great job on this article, Jason — wow, that took a lot of work and time but will probably be the definitive article on the net regarding art shipping for some time.

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Out of Office Blog. What plastic bag do you use, may I ask? Connect with me on. The freight company might not pay much attention to them, but they make me feel better, and they let my clients know I care. Plus it is a whole lot lighter to ship! The ends of the inner-box will be open, and because we allowed four extra inches at the end, you should have about two inches of empty space at either end.