Franklin mountains trail

franklin mountains trail

For all tours/general hiking in the Franklin Mountains, wear good shoes, preferably hiking boots, weather-appropriate clothing, and travel in pairs. Always bring.
Welcome. The Franklin Mountains Trail Run is a rugged, unforgiving mountain race located in the Southern most tip of the rocky mountains in El paso, Texas.
Franklin Mountains State Park offers great hiking, biking and rock climbing. Visit for the day or camp overnight. Look for geocaches, bird (and nature) watch,  ‎ Entrance Fees · ‎ Campsites · ‎ Events · ‎ Maps.

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You will follow this until you come to a gate which will tell you to park and head west into the trail. Description Park Info The park conducts tours open to the general public. You can park and walk back to the trailhead though. Follow the main trail down and north to end on the main trail near the parking lot. The path can be faint at points, so look for areas without vegetation indicating prior foot traffic.
franklin mountains trail

Please call the park office for more information. Find a narrow trail marked with rocks at the entrance following the ridgeline. Coyotes are hard to spot and tend to only come out after dusk, although they leave runners. All are within a few feet of each other, and they eventually end at the cave, so pick whichever one makes the climb easier. After contemplating the east side of El Paso, sitting on the bench, we returned on the Mundy's Gap Trail to the West Cottonwood Trail entrance were we started. There are many other Mountain bike trail in the Franklin Mountains outside of the state park. View map and directions. Vote: Log in to vote. The whole route is treeless and exposure to the sun could be a concern. Franklin Mountans State Park official website. Map of the Tom Mays Unit. The trail can also be hiked in reverse by starting in McKelligon Canyon. Great hike from Tom Mays park on the westside to the top of the mountain! Follow the narrow trail to the left around the hilltop, franklin mountains trail, and across to the next hilltop west. This peak is also the highest point in El Paso County, Texas, and ranks fifth on the Texas prominence list. Stansberry Used with permission. At the base of Mammoth, the dots end and the hawley health beauty turns north for a half mile along the jagged, rocky ridgeline. It is from this that the city is nicknamed, The Sun City. Just bring franklin mountains trail lot of liquids. Natural arch near Mundy's Gap Road.

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  • Rent a group camp area for your next gathering. Mexican poppies bloom, turning the east slopes of North Mount Franklin into a golden carpet. Few areas of the Chihuahuan Desert feature the wide range of vegetation found here in the foothills.
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  • Love to see the Cottonwood trees at the top of the mountain. Follow the main trail left. Mexican poppies bloom, turning the east slopes of North Mount Franklin into a golden carpet.
  • Franklin mountains trail

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Stay safe, and follow best practices for climbing. Fusselman, a Texas Ranger killed in pursuit of bandits in these mountains. Land Manager: Texas Parks and Wildlife - Franklin Mountains State Park. Joe Madrid on Aztec Cave Trail hiking Great hiking trails, don't think it's an easy trail going up was easy but a bit rocky especially towards the top of trail,coming back was a little harder but was a good hike even for a beginner. It would be a good selling point for land developers that's for sure.