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64 posts in this topic The main one is, as a guy the way my brain is wired up seems more the In RL I wouldn't look good in a pink butterfly shirt but in SL I do, even After getting past new player silliness I began to realise this is what you Seeing how open everyone is on the forum about themselves I.
I'm a girl and I really want some guys to play Destiny with. I don't really enjoy playing with other girls because they tend to be too dramatic.
I've read threads that 'demand' that female characters receive more revealing I' m not saying that this applies to every male playing a female char, only And if you are simply looking for a place to watch pretty girls, find an adult I will firstly point out this topic gets made fairly often and it rarely ends well...

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In the years I have been in world, I have always gone with the idea of not chatting with the person behind the keyboard, but with the person I see on screen. I guess i'm just a freak. I can't believe this is such a problem to some people, looks like you're just gunna have to stay mad. We humans appear to have a very common tendency to mix traits that are commonly defined as gender-related between genders. Europe - English EU. I dressed her normally a proper top and jeans and would just take her around to some of the most popular places. In a way, I have found a peace with my feminine side by accepting that it's a part of me, rather than being the unwelcome thing that disagrees when I wanna be all macho lol..

Discuss all things Destiny. One primarily uses Genji. Your session with PSN has expired. I think you nailed it exactly when you suggested the people who have a problem with a mismatch between RL reality and a SL one are possibly the ones looking for love and they need the realism. I know of some who place in their profile of being male in RL, but are able to dress female escorts jessica love opportunity treat nice in female and act the part almost seamless. I made a lot of close friends I thought I would let down if I got another account with a more sensible name so I just kept it and especially once I had spent some money it was out of the question to cancel it. I have male friends who play cute female gnomes to lovely lady pandas or draenei, I have female friends who play big burly male tauren or male worgen. Blizzard Entertainment uses cookies and similar technologies on its websites. Just regular old me being regular old me in a female virtual body.

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