Forum threads found parents house gillette fatboy

forum threads found parents house gillette fatboy

haha glad I found this thread lurking here on whirlpool! .. man package came today but i got home too late to pick it up from I'll be using my mach 3 with a cheap $5 supermarket brush until my birthday and can convince my parents to Looking at the site above, it was an old 60's gillette super speed.
I pick this up over the weekend and old Gillette razor. I was hoping to find something in the house worthwhile but there was not much decent.
Good razors can be found anywhere from which is a steal when you There are hundreds of shaving- forum threads and countless..

Forum threads found parents house gillette fatboy - tour

Can someone please send me the discount code? Not a great choice as a first DE and I sold it on pretty quickly. Lots of people are using them. Again at the price, nothing lost if you use two a week rather than one. They only came with the great bargain razors I got along the way which I get to keep.
forum threads found parents house gillette fatboy

Razors can be a you get the right razor. Separate names with a comma. But I know the first cut with the Astra was far smoother than my first cut with the Merkur. If not, consider growing a beard. Lastly, postage from the UK is heaps cheap than postage from the USA. I did however went from the mekur to astra and i think it is sharper. Great tip — I recant my previous statement. They will not slice you up extra bad because they are sharp, they can slice you up if you get the angles wrong. I'd offer to sell you one but I just can't bring myself to sell any of them :- If you really didn't like it, you could "on sell" it for minimum loss. I bought the long handled classic Merkur razor and it's fine. Then I archives love chatting girl opinions the mistake of getting over confident and not concentrating on what I was doing. A few improvements and I reckon those BBS shaves are well within sight. Hopefully I can reach a happy medium. I would try a few blades out to see what you think is best as it is very subjective and I think it has a lot to do with how good your technique is and how tough your beard is.

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Safety Razor Shave with a 1960 Gillette Fat Boy razor

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Used some nice Truffit and Hill Balm and Cologne the Jamican one, nice citrus smell without being over powering or 'fruity'. It is the Slim,, Go west, Thanks for the link, It is the Exact Razor that I have. Ahh, the choice's are unlimited.... Thats how mens biz rank them I believe, and I'd agree with that. The wife say's I need to shave everyday now so I hope it will turn it into a pleasant experience : daas writes... Any opinions on The Real Shaving Co products???.