Educ gottfredson color articles sailer educ / gottfredson / color / articles / sailer.html. “Understanding the impact of genetic racial differences on American life is a.
by Steve Sailer ([email protected]) on my website at steveslr, along with a link to Arthur Hu's 1990 article on this same subject). gottfredson -on-talking-about-iq/ . Steve Sailer. • November 29, 2007 . But the state of education for those right-tail people is also crap. According to the article some of his football players are reading on the 5th grade level. Wow – I .. A “ Color Revolution” Is Under Way in the United States.

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But, but the D coalition is unbeatable. Fro whatever it's worth, I've heard that these ligers are lethargic and not particularly graceful.

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First, the horkeys had to split into two races of itself. Below are links to two Coinbase pages of mine. Law, Policies and Race. The site is available without logging in. One of the primary sources of that website is Richard Lynn, who has repeatedly suggested blacks are less intelligent than whites on a genetic level, even going so far as to say that lighter skinned blacks due to their European blood are more intelligent than darker skinned blacks. I think mass immigration of low-skilled workers distorts labor markets, depresses wages, puts a drain on resources, etc. Language and English Only. So he is simply peddling naivete, a common problem amongst libertarians.

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Another example: there are Africans who speak Chinese and Japanese fluently. Traffic citations vary greatly by jurisdiction. The educated classes simply cannot fathom that a sizable proportion of the population is tuned to a different cognitive frequency and that this has real-world implications. Just think of it— if this witch wins, we will be ruled yes, ruled, not governed by someone who considers half the country irredeemable, deplorable, losers and malcontents.