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There is not an option to choose my camera. Quickplay is working, just there is no webcam icon in it when I open it. Also when i click on the desktop icon which was part of the download it shuts down my pc before restarting it automatically?? If you are using multiple USB devices, try unplugging all apart from the webcam. If that does not work, I fear you need to take it back to where you bought it and have them fix or replace it.

Why can I invite some to view my webcam and not others?? The easiest solution is to install and use SplitCam I think have mentioned it in earlier comments. I can see resolution enhancement effecting reporter's hair. Plz help Rodio — Have you tried updating MSN to Live Messenger with the link in the previous comment? But when I initiated an online video call with my dcbint cppl on Windows Live Messenger, the mic just gave up halfway redtube phim girl xinh I needed to restart the whole video call to get it working again while the camera was dcbint cppl fine. We are both using Yahoo for camming, dcbint cppl. Minimum level required to display the contents of this section is 'Social Media. Depending on the software, you might need to unplug your webcam during the software installation, dcbint cppl. Could be an automatic update from Microsoft or from the Philips webcam software or driver. Do you see the webcam in the Device Manager? I am trying to view webcams from friends using yahoo. If you are using your webcam for instant messaging with one of the popular chat programs, have a look at EatCamwhich allows you to record your webcam chats from MSN, YM, ICQ, Skype, AIM and a few more!. THis will ensure the webcam traffic follows the proper route. Although it often helps to update drivers, sometimes it actually required to install the original drivers.

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That should allow all ports for MSN. Taylor — Webcam performance is mostly due to USB problems or video resolution. Any chance there is audio from the speakers going back into the mic? Because that it required, just minimize it. Bref dans un an ou deux.. Is it the upgrade of OS that triggers the problem on webcam?? Kole — Some people claim to have fixed such errors by turning off their system completely remove the battery in case of a laptop and then turn the system on again after a minute.