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Getting less sleep than average regularly? This is .. If you've used one, would love to hear from you in the comments with your experiences. Rather than.
These are the types of comments I just can't relate to on HN. .. There's no shame in the regular ~8 hours of sleep a day, besides maybe some.
If you regularly use earplugs to sleep, is it damaging? On the internet, people ask whether doing so can cause tinnitus, infections or ear pain..

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I also saw you use lavender oil, before bed I will put a little lavender oil on my fingers and message a little along her jaw line, supposed to help with teething. Most of the them are from THIS SHOP and THIS SHOP — both small businesses owned by women! The healthiest option is to set a sleeping schedule and stick to it as best you can. I was able to become lucid later on but the more I practice, better sleep I get. It gets better, I promise!! How good is this wow…. There may be other issues underlying this sensitivity.

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But know that I only have another month or so in it. Honestly, my best advice is to switch to swaddle and buckle down on sleep training. However, for many of us, less sleep is often a result of disorganized priorities and poor use of our time. Stick with it and follow your gut Meghan, especially since the time of crying has already gone down.

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