Dependable Advisory Service

For any counseling service to be considered as dependable, the final results must be that which has attained short and long-term worth and has surpassed expectation.

In order to achieve that, a counselor must possess the enterprising mind in all aspects of a merger or an acquisition. Having a partner-company that has an unbroken record of successful experiences in all services and in the stability of their business associations can make or break any business plan.

People Need Only the Best

When it comes to achieving your business goals and your success in the future, you would want to wholly depend upon the most trustworthy company.

Expectations of our clients influence the way we conduct our business. As consumers, we all want to have the best and desire no less than the best in exchange for entrusting our wealth and our well-being to a company.

What Matters is the Final Gain

In our business, we have the advantage of having the capacity to work diligently only for what matters in the highest interest of the customer.

The goal is not simply to complete a merger or close a sale. Our legacy is widely known because our customers have attained their dreams and continue to aim for better ones. It is in bequeathing success from one generation to another that establishes Barraco Associates as a unique and long-lasting company.


We concentrate on providing enduring solutions for our customers. As a dependable organization, we have successfully helped 250+ clients achieve their goals through our expert representation in Strategic Business Programs, Business Valuation, Revenue & Income Projections, Financial Recasting, and Business Exit Procedures.

We employ some of the best experts in Business Valuations, Mergers & Acquisitions, and Business Exit & Succession Planning, serving companies with a maximum worth of $50M in revenues. These are the services we provide:

  • Progressive business methods
  • Realistic business valuations
  • Well-timed business exit plan
  • Trouble-free transition in succession planning services
  • Value producing M&A counseling services
  • Meticulous evaluation of most viable solutions
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